Liquor Store Business Loans

A liquor store business loan can be used for many purposes, including equipment – new liquor store displays, wine racks, or even inventory for your liquor or wine retail and e-commerce store.  We have the liquor store financing tools you need to grow.  Get started and compare small business loans with Upwise today.

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Liquor Store Business Loans: How They Can Help You

liquor store business loans and financing

The financial side of running a liquor store can be one of the most difficult tasks of a retail business.  Whether you’re a brick and mortar store or an e-commerce seller, we understand that liquor businesses need support.  It might seem overwhelming to maintain cash flow through the unexpected ups and downs. That’s where business loans for liquor companies can help.  

Open a New Location or Upgrade Your Store Fixtures

If you are a small business owner looking to remodel your liquor store or open a new location, then a liquor store business loan can be used to finance your renovation project.  Additionally, if you need a business loan for liquor store equipment, see our financing and leasing options.

What can a Liquor Store Business Loan be used for?

Purchase New Inventory

  • Importantly, varying sales can deplete inventory and impact customer satisfaction not having the right sizes
  • Liquor store inventory financing can be taken advantage of to purchase inventory, which can increase your wholesale purchasing power for merchandise

Hire More Staff

  • With liquor store business financing, you can address the need for hiring more staff during busy times of the year
  • Apart from financing hiring, you may also use funds from a liquor store loan for training costs and payroll to keep your employees happy

Marketing & Advertising

  • Use a liquor store loan to advertise and grow your customer base or promote a new store location
  • Build or optimize your website, add new signage, or place a magazine or newspaper ad to generate new customers

Manage Cash Flow

  • Maintain your capital cash flow to manage expenses when experiencing unforeseen retail issues
  • Utilize a liquor store inventory financing loan to stock your store with the newest, highly sought after liquor brands

New Retail Equipment

  • You can use a retail business loan to buy new liquor store equipment, fixtures and shelving displays
  • Use equipment leasing and financing to purchase all types of liquor store equipment to improve customer experience


  • Put yourself ahead of the competition using a liquor store business loan throughout the different seasons
  • Have the extra funds to acquire seasonal and holiday products in advance to meet your customers demand

6 Best Liquor Store Business Loan Options

Inventory Financing for Liquor Stores

Up to $2MUp to 3 year terms
Larger Loan Sizes
Interest Only & Monthly Payments
May Require Appraisal
Lower Interest Rates

Inventory financing can be a great option for a liquor store business loan, especially if you need the funds to purchase new merchandise.  Many retailers we come across need to stock up on inventory going into a busy season, such as a holiday’s or summer time.  For instance, liquor store business owners will buy way in advance to ensure the store has enough inventory to meet the demand of the busy seasons.  Liquor store inventory financing is a popular choice amongst retailers of all kinds.

The liquor industry has unique challenges when it comes to managing cash flow and working capital.  Undoubtedly, staffing, payroll, receivables and collections are some of the issues we see retailers face.  Therefore, you can use a working capital liquor store loan to bridge the gap between the time you receive payment and meeting your capital needs.  Working capital loans provide a fixed amount of money, with a fixed cost which are paid back over a term of 3-18 months.

Equipment Financing for Liquor Stores

100% of Equip ValueUp to 8 year terms
Finance or Lease New or Used Equipment
Equipment Used as Collateral
Leverage Equity in Existing Equipment
Monthly Payment Terms

An equipment financing loan can be a great option for a liquor store loan, especially if you are looking to lease or finance new fixtures or displays.  Many retailers utilize new displays and equipment in order to show off their goods to give the best shopping experience.  Therefore, a new piece of equipment can certainly have a huge impact on the growth of the business.  A business loan for liquor store equipment is usually structured as a lease to purchase or a fixed-term loan.

Term Loan for Liquor Stores

$25K - $20M5-30 year terms
Used for Many Business Purposes
Set Repayment Term Length
Fixed Interest Rates
Weekly & Monthly Payment Terms

A business term loan is another great option for liquor industry companies.  Term loans are meant for those established retailers.  In other words, those that are showing a profit on their most recent tax returns, have been in business at least 2 years and have a good credit score.  The proceeds from this type of liquor store loan can be used for a multitude of business purposes such as marketing, expansion or remodeling.

SBA Loans for Liquor Stores

Up to $5M5-30 year terms
Longest Payment Terms
Guaranteed by the SBA
Low Interest Rates
Must Have Good Credit

A Small Business Administration loan or SBA loan is a loan guaranteed by the Small Business Administration.  On the contrary, the SBA is not the lender, but they do guarantee the loan through an approved SBA lender.  Even so, a liquor store SBA loan is a highly desirable financing product, however the process is long with many paperwork requirements and high credit standards.  See how an SBA loan for a retail business can help you. 

Line of Credit for Liquor Stores

Up to $250K6 mo - 2 year terms
Draw When You Need Funds
Only Pay Interest on What you Draw
Save on Interest by Early Repayment
Monthly Payment Terms

Liquor store business lines of credit have the flexibility that other loans do not.  Similar to a credit card in the sense that it’s a revolving line of credit which allows you to draw funds as you need it.  Also, you only pay interest on the funds that you draw.  Additionally, early repayment discounts work great for retailers because once you’ve finished using the money, you can pay it back and save drastically on interest.

How to Apply for a Liquor Business Loan

Liquor Store Funding Solutions
to Boost your Success

Small business liquor store loans are easy to secure.  It only takes a few minutes to apply, and Upwise will present you with options.

Applying won’t impact your credit score.

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Why Upwise for Liquor Stores

Types of Liquor Companies We Serve

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We offer liquor store business loans to a wide range of industries and companies.  You deserve options.  Therefore, Upwise provides liquor store working capital, lines of credit for liquor companies, commercial loans, business loans for liquor stores, liquor store equipment financing, business term loans, real estate financing and other liquor business financing options, to meet all your needs.  So, here are some of the retail companies & industries we’ve worked with:

Compare All Liquor Store Business Loan Options

  • Business Term Loan
  • Line of Credit
  • Equipment Financing
  • Invoice Financing
  • Short Term Loan
  • Working Capital Bridge
  • SBA Loan
  • Real Estate
  • Account Receivables

Max Loan Amount

$25K to $20MM


Shown on Tax Returns

Loan Term

5 to 30 Years

Credit Score


Interest Rate

7 % - 30 %

Time in Business

Greater than 2 Years


As Fast As 2 Days

Annual Revenue

Over $200K

Term Loan

A traditional business term loan is a lump sum of capital that you pay back with regular repayments at a fixed interest rate.  The “term” in “term loan” comes from its set repayment term length, which will typically be one to five years long. Most business owners use the proceeds of term loans to finance a specific, one-off investment for their small business.