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Upwise Capital is 100% committed to serving our Cannabis & CBD clients the best cannabis financing and payment solutions.  We would like to take part in shaping this young industry by providing both funding and development to the companies with the vision to be the future of the legal cannabis industry.   

As legalization spreads, new & fresh territories open up for those companies who act quickly and decisively to capitalize on new opportunities.  Upwise strives to be the source you turn to whenever you need funds for each product, dispensary, grow house, etc., no matter the use. 

Driven by consumer demand and medical potential, the cannabis industry is one of the fastest growing industries in history.   Medical programs are approved in 35 U.S. States, social consumption legalized in 11 U.S. States, federal legalization in Canada, and there are more than 32 countries with approved medical cannabis programs.  Learn more about your cannabis financing options.

Cannabis Financing -  Grow your Loan Today.

Do you need new equipment, employees or inventory for your cannabis business?  We have the cannabis financing tools you need to grow.  Compare cannabis business loans with Upwise.

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Cannabis Loans: How They Can Help You

cannabis and cbd financing

The financial side of running a cannabis business can be one of the most difficult tasks.  The decision to take on debt or give away equity in your business to accomplish your financing goals is a tough one.  Whether you’re a brick and mortar store or an e-commerce seller, we understand that cannabis businesses need support.  It might seem overwhelming to navigate the cannabis financing marketplace. That’s where Upwise and our loans for cannabis companies can help.  

Open a New Location or Upgrade Your Equipment

If you are a cannabis operator looking to remodel your dispensary or open a new location, then a cannabis loan can be used to finance your renovation project.  Additionally, if you need a business loan for cannabis equipment, see our financing and leasing options.

Cannabis, Hemp & CBD Services

What Can Cannabis Financing be used for?

Facility Construction

  • Importantly, your operating facility needs to be state of the art and meet all necessary regulations
  • Cannabis construction financing can be taken advantage of to build out your facility, whether it be for growing, manufacturing or dispensary.

Hire More Staff

  • With cannabis financing, you can address the need for hiring more staff during expansion or busy times of the year
  • Apart from financing hiring, you may also use funds from a cannabis loan for training costs and payroll to keep your employees happy

Marketing & Advertising

  • Use a cannabis loan to advertise and grow your customer base or promote a new store location
  • Build or optimize your website, add new signage, or place a magazine or newspaper ad to generate new customers

Manage Cash Flow

  • Maintain your capital cash flow to manage expenses when experiencing unforeseen cannabis issues
  • Utilize a non-dilutive working capital loan for almost any use, and don’t give up any equity in your company

Open A New Dispensary Location

  • You can use cannabis financing to buy new cannabis equipment, fixtures and displays
  • Use equipment leasing and financing to purchase all types of retail equipment to improve customer experience

Finance Cannabis Equipment

  • You can use cannabis financing to buy new cannabis equipment, fixtures and displays
  • Use equipment leasing and financing to purchase all types of cannabis equipment to improve your operation

Top Cannabis Financing Options

Cannabis Working Capital Loans

Loan Amount

Up to $20,000,000

Cannabis Working Capital Loans

Upwise offers both secured and unsecured working capital loans for the cannabis, hemp and CBD industry. Every loan we do is unique and custom tailored to the businesses needs. Cannabis working capital can be used for a new location, launching a new product, improving your equipment and many other use of funds.

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Cannabis Real Estate Financing

Loan Amount

Up to $50,000,000

Cannabis Real Estate Financing

A Cannabis Real Estate loan is secured by assets instead of emphasizing cash flow, which is typically real estate or whatever assets a business has on its balance sheet. Lender will use collateral which can be quickly and easily liquidated. Assets can also be accounts receivables, equipment, land, crop, purchase orders and inventory.

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Cannabis Equipment Financing

Loan Amount

Up to 100% of Equipment Value

Cannabis Equipment Financing

When your cannabis company needs equipment - Upwise will provide a hassle free equipment lease or equipment financing agreement. Equipment financing helps you finance up to 100% of the new or used equipment you need for your business. Quick & Easy Application Process.

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Cannabis Sale & Leasebacks

Loan Amount

Up to $50,000,000

Cannabis Sale & Leasebacks

Upwise aquires freestanding commercial and retail properties from licensed medical-use cannabis businesses. The properties can be leased back to the business for operational costs. We focus on well capitalized operators with a successful track record.

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Cannabis Purchase Order Financing

Loan Amount

Up to $50,000,000

Cannabis Purchase Order Financing

Cannabis Purchase Order financing is great for when you need to pay expenses before you can fulfill a certain order. Purchase order or Invoice Financing allows you to free up cash to pay vendors or expenses, before receiving payment from your customers.

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Cannabis Acquisition Loans

Loan Amount

Up to $50,000,000

Cannabis Acquisition Loans

A Cannabis Acquisition Loan allows you to buy an existing and hopefully profitable business. You can buy out an existing partner or purchase a well established business. For this type of loan, it's best to be purchasing a thriving company, that will be easy to prove low risk to the lender.

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How to Apply for Cannabis Financing

Step 1: Complete the Application

Apply online in just a few minutes or call us directly to apply over the phone at (646) 837-5522, its your choice. We do an initial assessment of your loan request. This will give us an idea up front whether there is enough of a fit to move forward based on our lending guidelines.

Step 2: Review Your Documents

We will collect and evaluate the required documents necessary for the product(s) you are applying for. These documents may include financials, bank statements, tax returns, reports, invoices, business plan, real estate appraisals or vendor quotes, etc.

Step 3: Decline or Approval

If approved, you will receive an offer. The offer may come in the form of a term sheet, letter of intent (LOI), or memorandum of understanding (MOU). The offer may come with conditions that need to be met for final approval such as title work, completion of an appraisal or site inspection.

Step 4: Agree to Terms

Once the conditions of the offer are met and all documents required are received, a final approval is made and a formal loan agreement is structured. The borrower reviews the loan agreement to determine if the terms are agreeable.

Step 5: Sign the Contract

The lender may or may not have flexibility regarding redlining or altering the terms or conditions of the agreement. If the loan agreement is satisfactory for both parties, it is signed and executed and plans for closing are set.

Step 6: Get Your Funds

At closing any necessary closing documents are signed and the loan proceeds are disbursed as specified in the loan agreement. Receive funds into your account via wire transfer or ACH. Can be available as soon as same day.

Cannabis Funding Solutions
to Boost your Success

Cannabis loans are easy to secure.  It only takes a few minutes to apply, and Upwise will present you with options.

Applying won’t impact your credit score.

cannabis business loan and financing

In the cannabis industry, finding a good cannabis financing option is no easy task. While many canna business owners in the cannabis industry have found workarounds, there is still a lot of confusion about staying compliant.  We know you have questions and we have answers.

States continue to pass new laws regulating the use and cultivation of cannabis.  Each new law passed creates new opportunities for getting your business financing.  We help farmers, cultivators, extractors, processors, trimmers, packagers, labs and more.

Capitalize On The Ever Expanding Cannabis Industry

We know how critical it can be to get the cannabis financing your business needs, and when you need it.  Often equipment is needed as well to expand business prospects and to capitalize on market opportunities.  We have cannabis equipment manufacturer relationships that offer discounts and can save you thousands on equipment costs.

We offer cannabis financing to a wide range of industries and companies.  You deserve options.  Therefore, Upwise provides cannabis working capital, lines of credit for cannabis companies, commercial loans, business loans for cannabis dispensaries, cannabis equipment financing, cannabis sale-leasebacks, cannabis real estate financing and other cannabis business financing options, to meet all your needs.  

Types of Cannabis & CBD Companies We Serve

Compare All Cannabis Loan Options

  • Business Term Loan
  • Line of Credit
  • Equipment Financing
  • Invoice Financing
  • Short Term Loan
  • Working Capital Bridge
  • Real Estate
  • Account Receivables