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The Upwise Sale & Leaseback financing program is available for State Licensed Cannabis Related Businesses (CRB) or Marijuana Related Businesses (MRB).  

Upwise acquires freestanding commercial and retail properties from licensed medical-use cannabis businesses. The properties can be leased back to the business for operational costs.  

Rather than tying up your equity in real estate, the money you receive from the sale of your property can typically be better used to grow your business, yeilding a higher return than owning real estate. 

A sale-leaseback gets cash in the door.  Large multi-state marijuana companies are increasingly turning their real estate into quick cash that provides a beneficial source of funding.  

Sale-leasebacks are very common in non-cannabis real estate asset sectors, including office buildings, apartment complexes, shopping centers, hospitals and warehouses.  Given that cannabis remains illegal at the federal level and CRB’s or MRB’s have limited funding options, sale-leasebacks can be a great option to turn your real estate into cash to grow your business. 


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What is Cannabis Sale-Leaseback?

A cannabis sale & leaseback is when a company sells their real estate to a lender or investor for cash to use for operational costs.  The property is then leased back, like a typical lease agreement to the Cannabis company, as a tenant.  The money you get immediately from the sale, can be used to grow your business, as opposed to being tied up in your real estate equity.

Maximum loan amount

Up to $50 Million

Lease term

10 to 20 Years

Initial base rent

10% - 16% on total investment


30 to 60 Days



Marijuana Related Business (MRB) sale-leasebacks can be used for launching a new product, brand, dispensary & much more!

Most Customers Who were approved for a Sale & Leaseback had:

**Based on Previous Upwise Clients


Over $1 Million

Credit Score

Over 600+

Time In business

Greather than 2 Years


Positive Payment History

Who Qualifies for a Cannabis Sale-Leaseback?

Would your Cannabis Related Business (CRB) or Marijuana Related Business (MRB) be eligible for a sale-leaseback?

First, you must own a property, that you are likely operating your cannabis business out of currently.   We focus on well capitalized business operators with a successful track record.  An investor who engages in a sale-leaseback transaction will want to ensure you have a good payment history and track record.  

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