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Cannabis & CBD Working Capital Funds
cannabis working capital loan

The demand for legal cannabis is high and the Cannabis industry is expected to grow significantly over the next decade.  When you need fast cash, your options are often limited, especially being a Cannabis Related Business (CRB).  Cannabis, Hemp and CBD working capital funds can be used for a number of uses that might require a quick injection of capital.  


What is a Cannabis Working Capital Loan?

A cannabis working capital, bridge loan or merchant cash advance is not technically a loan. With this product, you are advanced cash in exchange for a percentage of your daily credit card and debit card sales, or your monthly revenue. Working Capital can be a quick and easy way to get a Cannabis related business (CRB) or Marijuana Related Business (MRB) a cash advance with no need for collateral, even if you don’t have a good credit score.

Cannabis Working Capital Details

Maximum loan amount

$5K - $5M

loan term

3 - 24 Months

Factor Rate

1.10 - 1.36


As Fast As Same Day

Cannabis Working Capital Pros vs Cons



How Does a Cannabis Working Capital Loan Work?

A cannabis or CBD working capital loan is like the Swiss Army Knife for CRB operators – it’s handy, flexible, and able to get you out of a bind.  The funds are typically unsecured and you can use it to cover unexpected costs, upgrade your equipment, finance a short term project, or even capitalize on a new business opportunity.   It’s definitely the loan you want in your back pocket as a Cannabis operator.

It’s pretty simple, you borrow a lump sum of money over a short term, typically under 2 years.  With a fixed interest rate – the factor rate, you pay back the loan in daily, weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly payment installments.  Once the loan is paid 50% in, you can borrow additional funds.  

Who Qualifies for Cannabis Working Capital?

Would your Cannabis Related Business (CRB) or Marijuana Related Business (MRB) be eligible for a cannabis merchant cash advance?

If you have little or no collateral, limited business history, or a low credit rating, merchant cash advances could be a solution to your financing problems.

Many merchant cash advance providers tend to have easy eligibility standards, however when it comes to a CRB or MRB – not all accept this industry because it’s still illegal at the federal level.  But with Upwise Capital most Cannabis businesses shouldn’t have a problem qualifying.


For businesses that make a big portion of their revenue through credit card payments—if you own a dispensary or product, for example—then you can use a merchant cash advance as a short-term financing tool.  It can help with working capital, inventory, build-outs, purchases, cannabis equipment, debt payments, unexpected payments, and more.

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Cannabis Loan Requirements

Annual revenue

Over $200K

Credit Score

Over 600+

Time In business

6+ Months


Positive Payment History

* Note: These cannabis working capital loan requirements are based on previous Upwise customers and is just an average.

What Does a Cannabis Working Capital Loan Cost?

Let’s look at how you can calculate the actual cost of a cannabis merchant cash advance.

A Cost Example of a Working Capital Product

Say you’re advanced $20K with a factor rate of 1.18.

$20K multiplied by 1.18 is $23,600, which is what you’ll need repay with your daily credit card transactions.

At first glance, that might seem like you’re just paying a 18% interest rate—but looks can be deceiving.

You have to determine the true cost of the merchant cash advance by its APR.

If your lender will be taking 15% of your future credit card sales and you’re estimating $25K a month in credit card transactions, you’d repay that advance in 189 days with daily payments of $125.

That’s an APR of 65.96%—quite a bit higher than it originally looked.

When is the Cost Worth It?

Cannabis cash advances, while fast and convenient, tend to be worth their price only if you’re confident you can repay them quickly and without much harm done to your cash flow.

Just be sure to shop around and see if you can qualify for other types of loans before moving forward with a merchant cash advance.

How do you know whether a merchant cash advance will make sense?

On the one hand, paying off a loan with daily credit card sales can bite into your cash flow more than you might expect.

On the other, you’ll actually repay a smaller amount of money during slower weeks and months—unlike with a term loan, where you’ll either make your payments on time or suffer the late fees.

There are other reasons why some borrowers might want to opt for a merchant cash advance rather than a more traditional business loan.

For one, merchant cash advances come unsecured—meaning you don’t have to offer a valuable piece of collateral in exchange for the loan. This can be a benefit for business owners who don’t want to put something like their personal home or financial assets at risk.

And finally, merchant cash advances are quick. Need cash this week? A merchant cash advance can probably be approved by then.

These two advantages correlate with high costs, though. So when it comes down to it, it’s up to you to understand your business’s financials. Just remember that a merchant cash advance is the most expensive financing option you could pick.

How to get a Cannabis Working Capital Business Loan

We make it easy, simply apply online and we’ll be in touch to go over your options.

Cannabis Working Capital


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Safe & Secure

Documents You'll Need to Apply

  • Completed Application
  • Driver’s License
  • Voided Business Check
  • Business Bank Statements (Last 6 Months)
  • Credit Score

You may also be requested to provide the following for larger dollar amounts over $100K:

  • Balance sheet
  • Profit & Loss Statements
  • Business Tax Returns
  • Personal Tax Returns
  • Account Receivables Report (if securing AR)
  • Inventory List (if securing inventory)

*See above for cannabis working capital loan requirements. 

Who We Serve in the Cannabis + Hemp + CBD Industry

Marijuana Related Business (MRB) working capital loans can be used for launching a new product, brand, dispensary & much more!

Cannabis Working Capital Funds

can be used for 
How to Get a Business Line of Credit

Driven by consumer demand and medical potential, the cannabis industry is one of the fastest growing industries in history.   Medical programs are approved in 33 U.S. States, social consumption legalized in 10 U.S. States, federal legalization in Canada, and there are more than 32 countries with approved medical cannabis programs. 

What Are My Other Cannabis Loan Options?

Cannabis Working Capital Loans

Loan Amount

Up to $20,000,000

Cannabis Working Capital Loans

Upwise offers both secured and unsecured working capital loans for the cannabis, hemp and CBD industry. Every loan we do is unique and custom tailored to the businesses needs. Cannabis working capital can be used for a new location, launching a new product, improving your equipment and many other use of funds.

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Cannabis Real Estate Financing

Loan Amount

Up to $50,000,000

Cannabis Real Estate Financing

A Cannabis Real Estate loan is secured by assets instead of emphasizing cash flow, which is typically real estate or whatever assets a business has on its balance sheet. Lender will use collateral which can be quickly and easily liquidated. Assets can also be accounts receivables, equipment, land, crop, purchase orders and inventory.

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Cannabis Equipment Financing

Loan Amount

Up to 100% of Equipment Value

Cannabis Equipment Financing

When your cannabis company needs equipment - Upwise will provide a hassle free equipment lease or equipment financing agreement. Equipment financing helps you finance up to 100% of the new or used equipment you need for your business. Quick & Easy Application Process.

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Cannabis Sale & Leasebacks

Loan Amount

Up to $50,000,000

Cannabis Sale & Leasebacks

Upwise aquires freestanding commercial and retail properties from licensed medical-use cannabis businesses. The properties can be leased back to the business for operational costs. We focus on well capitalized operators with a successful track record.

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Cannabis Purchase Order Financing

Loan Amount

Up to $50,000,000

Cannabis Purchase Order Financing

Cannabis Purchase Order financing is great for when you need to pay expenses before you can fulfill a certain order. Purchase order or Invoice Financing allows you to free up cash to pay vendors or expenses, before receiving payment from your customers.

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Cannabis Acquisition Loans

Loan Amount

Up to $50,000,000

Cannabis Acquisition Loans

A Cannabis Acquisition Loan allows you to buy an existing and hopefully profitable business. You can buy out an existing partner or purchase a well established business. For this type of loan, it's best to be purchasing a thriving company, that will be easy to prove low risk to the lender.

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