Cannabis Real Estate Financing

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Cannabis Real Estate Financing

Upwise Capital provides cannabis real estate financing to owners of cannabis related assets to leverage those assets as collateral.   As a result, this type of cannabis loan provides an excellent cannabis financing option they would otherwise be unable to get approved for, by traditional banks.


What is Cannabis Real Estate Financing?

A cannabis real estate loan or cannabis asset-based loan is secured by assets instead of emphasizing cash flow.  This is typically real estate or whatever assets a business has on its balance sheet.  The lender will typically use collateral which can be quickly and easily liquidated.  Assets can also be accounts receivables, equipment, land, crop, purchase orders and inventory.  Cannabis asset backed loans secured by collateral, are most often structured as term loans and revolving lines of credit.

Cannabis Real Estate Finance Details

Maximum loan amount

$150K - $200M

loan term

1-30 Years Ammortization

interest rates

6% - 15%


As Fast As 2 Weeks

Cannabis Real Estate Financing Pros vs Cons



How Do Cannabis Real Estate Loans Work?

A cannabis real estate loan allows operators to leverage their commercial real estate assets to get financing options you typically would not be able to get from traditional banks or lenders.  Due to the exponential growth of the cannabis industry, the need for financing cannabis properties has increased drastically.  Whether you are a cannabis grower, manufacturer, dispensary, distributor or just a real estate owner – there is a financing product for you within our marketplace.

There are 3 ways to utilize cannabis real estate financing for your business. 

Conventional Asset Based Loan (Real Estate Value): LTV based on the as-is real estate appraisal value

Cannabis Real Estate Loan (Cannabis Value):  LTV based on the as-completed cannabis value

Sale Leaseback: Investors purchases the cannabis property and lease it back to the cannabis operator

Who Qualifies for Cannabis Real Estate Financing?

Would your Cannabis Related Business (CRB) or Marijuana Related Business (MRB) be eligible for a cannabis real estate loan?

If your business owns collateral or assets with value, you have decent credit and you don’t mind leveraging your assets, then marijuana real estate financing might be the best option for you.

Many cannabis real estate loan providers tend to have high eligibility standards, however when it comes to a CRB or MRB – not all lenders accept this industry because it’s still illegal at the federal level.  But with Upwise Capital most Cannabis businesses shouldn’t have a problem qualifying – call us today to tell us about your assets @ (646) 837-5522.

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Cannabis Real Estate Financing Requirements


Received 65% LTV

Credit Score

Over 600+

Existing Lien



Valued over $250K

* Note: These cannabis real estate requirements are based on previous Upwise customers and is just an average.

What Does Cannabis Real Estate Loan Cost?

You should know how much the cost of capital will cost you no matter what type of financing you’re applying for.

Let’s take a look at a cost example.

Example of a Cannabis Real Estate / Asset Backed Loan / Cannabis Collateral Loan

Let’s say you have a commercial property that you operate your cannabis business out of, that is worth approximately $1.1 Million.

In most cases, the lender will require you to get an appraisal done to determine the value of your property.  

Lets say the properties appraised value was determined to be $1 Million.  In this scenario, Upwise will be able to lend 80% LTV based on the appraised value of the property.  Meaning the loan size will be $800k based on the appraised value on the asset.  However, we also lend based on cannabis value, which could be much higher than $1 Million.

The term length will determine the monthly payment and amortization schedule.  Payments can be interest only, principle and interest, deferred, and an interest reserve may be required.

Consider other fees associated with asset based loans as well.  These fees include but may not be limited to appraisal fees, site survey fees, legal fees, escrow fees, origination fees, packaging fees, prepayment fees, and others.

Don’t overlook fees on your loan offer—be sure to factor any and all small fees you might have to pay in order to understand the true cost of your asset based loan.

In order to understand your loan completely, make sure to ask Upwise for an amortization schedule.  All fees associated with the proposal will be transparently laid out for each borrower in a term sheet.  For more information, please call (646) 837-5522 to speak with an Upwise Real Estate Financing Specialist. 

How to get a Marijuana Real Estate Loans

We make it easy, simply apply online and we’ll be in touch to go over your options.

Cannabis Financing - Cannabis Business Loans

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Safe & Secure

Documents You'll Need to Apply

  • Completed Application
  • Driver’s Licenses for all Owners
  • Voided Business Check
  • Business Bank Statements (Last 6 Months – 1 Year)
  • Credit Verification
  • Balance Sheets
  • Profit & Loss Statements
  • Business Tax Returns
  • Personal Tax Returns
  • Cannabis Licenses
  • Property Information

*See above for cannabis real estate loan requirements. 

Cannabis Real Estate Financing

can be used for 
Build Outs.
How to Get a Business Line of Credit

As legalization spreads, new & fresh territories open up for those cannabis companies who act quickly and decisively to capitalize on new opportunities.  Upwise strives to be the source you turn to whenever you need cannabis real estate funding for each farm, dispensary, grow facility, processing facility, etc.

What are my other cannabis funding options?

Cannabis Working Capital Loans

Loan Amount

Up to $20,000,000

Cannabis Working Capital Loans

Upwise offers both secured and unsecured working capital loans for the cannabis, hemp and CBD industry. Every loan we do is unique and custom tailored to the businesses needs. Cannabis working capital can be used for a new location, launching a new product, improving your equipment and many other use of funds.

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Cannabis Real Estate Financing

Loan Amount

Up to $50,000,000

Cannabis Real Estate Financing

A Cannabis Real Estate loan is secured by assets instead of emphasizing cash flow, which is typically real estate or whatever assets a business has on its balance sheet. Lender will use collateral which can be quickly and easily liquidated. Assets can also be accounts receivables, equipment, land, crop, purchase orders and inventory.

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Cannabis Equipment Financing

Loan Amount

Up to 100% of Equipment Value

Cannabis Equipment Financing

When your cannabis company needs equipment - Upwise will provide a hassle free equipment lease or equipment financing agreement. Equipment financing helps you finance up to 100% of the new or used equipment you need for your business. Quick & Easy Application Process.

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Cannabis Sale & Leasebacks

Loan Amount

Up to $50,000,000

Cannabis Sale & Leasebacks

Upwise aquires freestanding commercial and retail properties from licensed medical-use cannabis businesses. The properties can be leased back to the business for operational costs. We focus on well capitalized operators with a successful track record.

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Cannabis Purchase Order Financing

Loan Amount

Up to $50,000,000

Cannabis Purchase Order Financing

Cannabis Purchase Order financing is great for when you need to pay expenses before you can fulfill a certain order. Purchase order or Invoice Financing allows you to free up cash to pay vendors or expenses, before receiving payment from your customers.

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Cannabis Acquisition Loans

Loan Amount

Up to $50,000,000

Cannabis Acquisition Loans

A Cannabis Acquisition Loan allows you to buy an existing and hopefully profitable business. You can buy out an existing partner or purchase a well established business. For this type of loan, it's best to be purchasing a thriving company, that will be easy to prove low risk to the lender.

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