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Practicing healthcare these days can be very stressful, so Upwise has made finding the right loan for your practice or healthcare business simple.  Whether you’re looking to finance a new piece of medical equipment, buy a medical practice or grow your business, we can deliver customized financing for healthcare professionals in just a few days.  

In today’s complex healthcare market, expanding or improving your physical office or opening a new location can help you attract new patients, giving you the competitive edge for long-term success.  With fast and flexible financing solutions for healthcare professionals, Upwise can be the source you turn to whenever you need to grow your healthcare business.  We ensure you can provide your patients with an extraordinary experience to match the exceptional care you deliver each day.  For more information regarding our licensed healthcare professionals loan, please call one of our in house Healthcare Financing specialists at (646) 837-5522.


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What is healthcare financing?

A healthcare financing loan is a working capital loan designed specifically for licensed healthcare professionals, such as physicians, pharmacists, dentists, therapists, veterinarians, optometrists & more.  The lender will look at the cash flow and revenue of the business to determine the loan amount it can afford.  This healthcare loan has credit requirements above a 650 FICO and longer terms than a typical working capital loan with no personal collateral required.

Maximum loan amount

$20K - $500K

loan term

Up to 12 Years

interest rates

7% - 15.99%


As Fast As 3 Days



Why Choose Healthcare Financing?

Most healthcare professionals turn to healthcare financing because they’ve had bad luck getting approved by traditional banks or they want a cheaper cost of capital and longer term to give them confidence in their ability to pay back the loan.

The funds from our licensed healthcare professionals loan can be used for a number of possibilities such as: expanding your current practice, updating & improving exam rooms, upgrading technology or equipment, acquiring a new location or practice, to offer new services to patients, debt consolidation, or improve your cashflow.  Just to name a few. 

For more information, please call one of our Healthcare Financing Specialists @ 646-837-5522. 

Most customers who were approved for Healthcare Financing had:

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Credit Score

Over 660+


2 Years


Medical Professional

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